Moto Shoan

Doomseeker of the Unicorn Clan


Her robes are made of pale purples, and ghostly whites. Off her of her fine silken obi is the warped mental mask of the last Doomseeker. She was once a woman of delight, compassion and smiles. Her is no longer such a woman, her laugh lines are deep scars on her features and the harrowing look in her eyes is a brooding darkness.


Many recall the compassionate and warm hearted samurai that was Horiuchi Shoan, but that woman seems to be dead. They say that when the Unicorn were fleeing, she went to gather the orphans who were in her care, but found that a blood speaker had been their first and used her charges to fuel a dark ritual upon a dark anvil. When the battle was over, and she walked away alone, she was changed. She took up the Doomseeker’s fire warped helm and led her people into the deserts. The woman who has returned to the Empire is fierce, emotionalizes and driven to find and destroy the blood speaker who used her charges so.

Bayushi Goshiu knows she is not the woman she once was, but she has become the woman we need now more then ever. Renewing ties with her could only grant us boons.

Moto Shoan

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