Hiruma Genshu

The Grim Yojimbo of Kuni Hisui


Twenty Questions:

1: What clan does your character belong to?

2: What family does your character belong to?

3: What is your character?
Genshu is a bushi of the Hiruma Family, and a member of the “unbroken crab”. He is trained in the traditional Hiruma School (not the scout school), with an emphasis in the Hiruma Yojimbo School.

4: How would others describe your characters appearance?
A solemn man, with short unkempt hair and light armor protecting much of his body. He smiles and is not anti-social, however he has an unnatural look to him that speaks of something not quite right. Something to do with an emptiness to his eyes, and a crookedness of his smile. He makes others uncomfortable to be near him without any effort on his part.

5: What is your character’s primary motivation?
Genshu wants to win the war against the dark emperor once and for all, so that he can avenge the lives of his brothers he has lost. Being an aide to the Shugenja of the Unbroken Crab has given him many experiences against the hordes of the dark emperor and he is thirsty for vengeance.

6: Who is the person your character trusts most in the world?
Hida O-Ushi

7: What is your character’s greatest strength and weakness?
Genshu’s greatest strength is his battlefield versatility. He prides himself on his tactical mind, and loves to plan out his next movements with his charge. While in battle itself, he is a fast, agile combatant who will protect his charge by cutting down every foe before him. He moves with great bursts of speed and seems to dodge and parry attacks that appear impossible for normal samurai.

His greatest weakness is that he is cursed by Gaki-Do, and the evil undead of the world hunger for him without end. This has played out to his advantage in the past, as he famously once fought down 20 of the monsters alone as they completely ignored his charge. While he saved his charge’s life, rumors broke out about his curse and, along with his unsettling presence, he became quite infamous because of it. The shame of having him as a yojimbo caused his charge to request the services of another Yojimbo, which led Genshu to be without a charge. He was then assigned to travel with O-Ushi to the Mantis Isles.

8: What does your character think of Bushido?
He follows it about as well as any of his crab bretheren.

9: What is your character’s opinion of his clan?
He is incredibly proud that they have continued to fight the good fight.

10: Is your character married?
Genshu has not had the opportunity to seek a wife in these times, and in addition, he is incapable of having a child due to a wound he suffered against the forces of Jigoku.

11: Does your character have any prejudices?
No, no specific prejudices. He’s relatively even headed and isn’t quick to judge. In different times, however, he would likely dislike the crane for the same reasons most crab do.

12: To whom does your character owe the most loyalty?
O-Ushi and his charge.

13: What are your character’s favorite and least favorite things?
Genshu enjoys eating a standard meal, as it has been so rare for him to be able to do so while on different tasks for the Unbroken Crab. Instead, he has had to learn to like the taste of rations and simple meals that last for long periods of time.

His least favorite thing is apathy. He cannot stand people who will not act when action needs to be taken.

14: Does your character have any recurring mannerisms?
Genshu whistles often to his allies as well as to his enemies in battle.

15: What about your characters emotions?
Genshu is relatively friendly, yet he seems to come off as short to those who do not know him. He does not overly explain himself, and leaves much of his emotions to himself.

16: How would your character handle a subordinate’s improper behavior?
THE VANGUARD! If you live to see the next battle, then the heavens have deemed you worthy of atonement for your mistake.

17: How would your character’s parents describe him?
Genshu is a proud man of few words but much action. A man willing to do what must be done to succeed in this world.

18: What is your character’s highest ambition?
To storm the city of Otosan Uchi with his charge, and stand over the dark emperor’s lifeless body.

19: How religious is your character?
He is as religious as time and setting allow.

20: How will your character die?
Old age, and yet still before his charge dies.

Hiruma Genshu

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