Hida Yakamo

Crab Hero and bearer of the Jade Hand


A tall man, long mustache, and long loose hair. His body is rugged and thick, hardened by constant battles for survival. He is quick to laugh and carries bravado in his swagger. The Jade Hand pulses at his right hand.


The valiant crab warrior, and bearer of the jade hand has been Toturi’s closest ally. His gruff demeanor and love for battle has kept many of Toturi’s followers strong and spirits high. He is the redemption of the Crab, however a decent has washed over Toturi’s army because of Yakamo. He told Toturi that he will not allow the Dragon Champion Hitomi to be present or to have any of her ilk present at the summit. Many have argued that if the Crab have found redemption, then she took deserves this. The evil she has coiled about the Dragon to keep them safe is lesser then the evil of the Fallen Emperor and many recognize that Army needs more strong allies and the Dragon are so feared that a Wall was built to keep them out of the Emperor’s lands.

Bayushi Goshiu feels that Yakamo has set loose deep cracks in the Army. He is as unyielding as stone, but perhaps his roughest edges can be smoothed.

Hida Yakamo

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