Hida O-Ushi

Hardened leader of the Unbroken Crab


The leader of the Unbroken Crab is a hard woman. Her eyes are intelligent, and has a sneer on her face. When she can be brought to smile, she is beautiful. She has tattoo sleeves showing crabs a rising sun. The hero of the Crab wears battle scared armor, and rarely dons anything else.


Leader of the Unbroken Crab, a strong peerless warrior who gives her followers strength when surrounded by the darkness. She has led her people through the darkest of times and still stands tall and strong against the Oni who stole her Clan’s ancestral lands.

Bayushi Goshiu says that these last three years have been hard on the Unbroken Crab. With no other large military presence in the Empire to work with, they alone have faced the full brutal wrath of the Maw and all of his followers. Their numbers have dwindled, but it has left the strongest behind while all the weakness have been purged form their numbers. Their alliance with the Army cannot be allowed to fail.

Hida O-Ushi

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