Hida Matyu

Honorable Undead Champion


His armor is red, half devastated, his flesh all but gone, but he holds himself as a powerful and very bright Crab Samurai worthy of respect.


Once the most prized tactition of the Crab, second only to Hida Kisada. He served his lord and marched to his fate in the Scorpion Coup, when he breached the Imperial Palace and held the opening against Bayushi Shoju. Although he died, his delaying bought time for the Great Clans to secure the breach.

When the battle was over, the Crab searched for his remains to honor their heroe, but never found him.

During the Clab Wars, sightings of an undead wearing Matyu’s armor was seen in service to the Necromamcer Isawa Tanayama.

He assisted in the return of Bayushi Tesaguri. For his service he was recognized as the Crab Champion. The two Champions have been close since.

Hida Matyu

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