Heichi Shinwa

Son of a legend


A young bushi, who is tall for his age, and not fully grown into his body yet. He is cocky and brash, and looks like he has seen much in his young years. He carries a diasho, but makes use of the huge blade on his back. He has the muscles and grace to wield the blade with deadly proficiency. His armor is done up in the Boar Clan colors, and is of fine quality, much more so then many Great Clan samurai.

Heichi Shinwa grew up with his father, traveling the Empire during the worst of ascension of the Emperor to his throne. He saw his gempuku on the Island of silk. He saw his father rise to become Champion of the Boar and have them recognized once more as a Minor Clan.

He has begun mastering a sword style that is not used by the Boar, but by a dead Minor Clan. He has grown into a brash young man, who wishes at once to remain near his father. but break away from his shadow and become his own man.

He is a low ranking bushi in Toturi’s Army, but many of the upper level commanders are watching him closely, waiting for signs that he has the potential that his heroic father has. The War in the Yobanjin Lands shall prove much.

Heichi Shinwa

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