Heichi Juyo

'The Last Boar'


A tall and thick man, who carries his spear with him. His Boar Armor is old, yet well cared for. He smiles often, and the smell of sake is often lingering. He is filled with an easy charisma.


Twenty Questions:

1: What clan does your character belong to?
Juyo claims to be of a long lineage of samurai dating back to the original Boar Clan, a minor clan thought long destroyed 600 years ago. To the rest of society, he is a Ronin, a wave-man with no lord to call his own that has delusions of grandeur. It is not uncommon for him to just be called “Juyo”.

2: What family does your character belong to?
The Heichi family. Or no family, again, depending on your interpretation.

3: What is your character?
Juyo: A Boar Clan Samurai, a bushi who fights with the signature Mai Chong spear and a tenacious spirit tough to bring down.
Kibo: A boy 6 years of age growing up in a world that no boy should have to grow up in. He idolizes his father and is full of energy and youthful innocence.

4: How would others describe your characters appearance?
Juyo: A large man in his mid 20’s with a rough exterior but kind eyes. He stands 6’2’’, his hair is dark and kept short, and he keeps no facial hair. He is often seen wearing heavy armor that appears to be ancient, a hand-me-down by his father, and grandfather before him, that is adorned only by a single worn out Boar Clan mon over the right shoulder. He also wields the distinctive Mai Chong, an incredibly long spear.
Kibo: A small boy whom has very clearly inherited his fathers hair and eyes.

5: What is your character’s primary motivation?
Juyo: To stay alive long enough to see his son grow up and be his own man, continuing the lineage of his family. This included delivering to his son a world worth living for.
Kibo: Kibo tries his best to not be a burden, but he is a child who yearns for the fun, carefree life that he will never have.

6: Who is the person your character trusts most in the world?
Juyo: Himself. Everyone else has an angle, and it seems like everyone else has goals that rarely align with Juyo’s.
Kibo: His father. This may be partly because his father is over-protective of him and Kibo has never really made any other lasting relationships.

7: What is your character’s greatest strength and weakness?
Juyo: His greatest strength is both his physical prowess (having been confused for a Hida many a time), and his mental fortitude. Years of fending for himself and being the underdog have tempered a resilient soul that protects him and Kibo from the less scrupulous. His greatest weakness is Kibo, whom he views as an allegory for the entire world, and if anything were to ever happen to the boy, Juyo’s resolve would easily break.
Kibo: Kibo has had to grow up fast and has faced certain death on many occasions. Because of this, he is not affected by scenes of battle, gore, or loss. This goes both ways though, and Kibo’s greatest weakness is that he has become sort of numb to danger and sometimes causes Juyo more grief than good in his actions.

8: What does your character think of Bushido?
Juyo: He holds himself to a higher standard than the other wave-men that most people would encounter, because he considers his actions as directly reflecting those of the Boar Clan. So he thinks quite highly of Bushido and is an honorable man.
Kibo: While he is too young to truly grasp the weight of his lineage, Kibo idolizes his father and the other Samurai, particularly those of the great clans.

9: What is your character’s opinion of his clan?
Juyo: Juyo was taught everything he knows of the Boar by his father, who was told everything he knew from his, so on and so forth. Juyo believes that he must treasure the legacy of the Boar and keep the traditions of old alive. Particularly the art of wielding the Mai Chong.
Kibo: Kibo understands that he is different from the other boys, and that his father is a different kind of Samurai than the other samurai, but he doesn’t truly get the importance of the distinction. He does adore seeing the great clan samurai with their distinctive armor and colors. While Juyo would never admit it to Kibo, it breaks his heart that he cannot represent the Boar with the same quality and distinction of armor.

10: Is your character married?
Juyo was married 5 years before the Broken Day of Thunder, to a woman named Ishi Hakari, who belonged to a small vassal family of the Kaiu. Hakari died in labor when Kibo was born.

11: Does your character have any prejudices?
Juyo: He has no specific prejudices. He has found that to judge someone too quick is to give them an advantage on you.
Kibo: No prejudices, but he sometimes is jealous of the boys who get to go play and stay out of battle.

12: To whom does your character owe the most loyalty?
Juyo: The true Emperor. Juyo is a man of honor, and will follow gladly the man whose ideals fall in line with his own. He once thought Toturi that man, but he is not trusting of the Black Wolf ever since he tried to take the throne after the Scorpion Coup. For this reason, two years ago after the battle of Otosan Uchi with the Asura, Juyo took Kibo and struck out on his own to fight the good fight in their own way. As he left, he wondered if anyone would even notice?
Kibo: His father tells him that one day there will be a very important man that we will all bow to with respect and adoration. Kibo doesn’t understand how everyone could possibly love one man so much, but he listens to his father nonetheless.

13: What are your character’s favorite and least favorite things?
Juyo: While Juyo takes his heritage very seriously, and his sons safety is above all else to him, he is otherwise a gentle soul who loves to play a contemplative game of Go. He also loves sake and was known to out-drink his Kaiu in-laws back when times were better. He tries to stay away from the drink now as it is as much a vice as it is a pleasure; he would hate to drop his guard for even a moment.
Kibo: Kibo loves hearing his father tell him stories of the “happy days”, and also finds enjoyment in helping his dad in any way possible. That being said, he sometimes complains to his father that he is bored and doesn’t want to go with him everywhere.

14: Does your character have any recurring mannerisms?
Juyo: He is oftentimes found smiling like he has the world figured out with a gleam in his eye.
Kibo: Kibo is actually quite reserved and will cling to his father if others that he doesn’t know are around.

15: What about your characters emotions?
Juyo: Juyo is an optimist and speaks highly of nearly everyone. It is hard to catch him in a bad mood.
Kibo: Kibo is reserved and contemplative. That being said, once he starts having fun he sometimes lets his happiness get the most of him. Quiet demands of “Settle down, Kibo” are not uncommon during the more easy-going days on the frontier.

16: How would your character handle a subordinate’s improper behavior?
Juyo: Every man is an important piece of the tapestry of the world. Juyo would be standing right next to the man, working to correct the mistake or to give honest advice on how to correct the behavior. While he will never get the opportunity, he would make a great leader.
Kibo: He would tattle on him.

17: How would your character’s parents describe him?
Juyo: Juyo’s father died during the Scorpion Coup, fighting on the side of the Emperor, but always told Juyo that he was very proud of him, and that he was the “best and brightest” opportunity the Boar would ever have of regaining any of their lost glory. Juyo’s mother remarried into the Ishi family and is distant from him. She pleaded with Juyo to drop the Boar Clan charade and take the Ishi name when he married Hakari, but he refused. Out of respect for the actions of his father who always wore the Heichi surname with pride, and the true love between Juyo and Hakari, Hakari’s father agreed for her to take his family name when they wed. That relationship soured shortly after Hakari passed when Juyo refused to let the Ishi family raise Kibo as one of their own.
Kibo: One word: Hope.

18: What is your character’s highest ambition?
Juyo: To stand next to the great clan Samurai, with his own banner flying high in the sky next to theirs and mutual respect in their faces; Standing before him, Kibo would be fully grown, wearing the proud colors of the Boar.
Kibo: To not disappoint his father.

19: How religious is your character?
Juyo: Juyo is very traditional, but his life does not let him partake in many of the same rituals as he would like.
Kibo: He is bored by tradition, but loves hearing stories of the kami and the fortunes.

20: How will your character die?
Juyo: After an intense battle, face down on a pile of the foes he has slain, with Kibo’s quivering form crying behind him.
Kibo: At the hands of some goblin, oni, or bandit after Juyo is dead.

Heichi Juyo

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