Hantei Kachiko

Empress of the Obsidian Empire


A stunningly beautiful woman in a fine kimono with a light mask that accents the eyes by out lining them and covers virtually nothing. Although she is older now, she still is perhaps the most beautiful woman in the Empire.


Once Shosuro, once Bayushi and twice Hantei. The former Scorpion Champion is now the Empress, and her Emperor is the ninth kami. The Empress has spent her time within the Forbidden City and the Imperial Court since the Broken Day of Thunder. All reports talk of how the Emperor loves to amuse himself with her discomfort and her horror. However the Empress is not without her stinger, as is evident with the Crane Lands being reduced and the Crabs lands expanded.

  • She gave birth to a daughter, Yakusoku.

Hantei Kachiko

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