Cheerful Crane Student


A slight and cheerful young lady, who always has a bounce in her step. She favors no style, often changing it up to see if she can pass for someone else, often to pull pranks on friends and allies.


Beloved by the Crab from having her goblin winter at age of 4, Daidoji Uji found the young girl backed into a corner surrounded by 12 dead goblins and her with a rusty knife. She has blossomed under the Iron Crane’s tutelage and his is favored pupil. She is a known trouble marker in the city, when she isn’t with her mentor on mission on the main land. When she is left to no specific task she is often found with Heichi Shinwa causing trouble.

*During the Summit of Resistance she was working with Uji and by extension the Kolat. Only Nishimura and Heichi Juyo are aware of this.


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