Hantei Gurifisu

Clan Champion of the Hawk Clan


A lean skeletal man who favors a hawk styled armor. He has a hawk who is often flying about him. He has a hungry sinister look in his eyes.


Somewhere in the chaos of the Imperial civil war, he rose, the Hawk. He lead a powerful force of ronin, united under him, and he sold his men to whoever had the most koku. However in the heat of war, the Hawk gained notoriety, favor and clout.

In the lead up to the fight between the Legion of Jigoku and The Unbroken Crab he cut the legs out from under their fall back routs. It was enough to gain the attention of Hantei the 39th, and he was rewarded with his own Minor Clan. The Hawk Clan.

Hantei Gurifisu

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