The Avatar of the Nothing


A man in the vaguest concepts. He is more like an ink painting of a man, once told to a blind man who was told to paint him. Made of water ink that flows and reforms like smoke. Wearing a jingsaw hat, and the hideous Obsidian Hand on his right wrist.


Little is known that is factual of Goju. There have been suggestions he had a Scorpion background. Some insist that he was a powerful shaman from before the fall of the Kami. Some suggest that Goju is a title and not actually a someone. Regardless, he has been identified at the Avatar of the Shadow. A way for the Lying Darkness to amass an understanding of humanity, and a vessel to pour its power into.

It is thought that without such a conduit that the Lying Darkness will become weaker, for a few generations, before it can attempt another attack against reality. But striking at its favored vessel may gain you its absolute enmity.


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