Fan of the Small River Tribe

Learned of the Unbowed Tribes


She is an old woman, in her late 50’s or perhaps early 60’s. Despite her age, and the fact that she is one of the wild Yobanjin, she looks as if she may yet live another 20 years. She smiles often and laughs much more, but in her eyes darkness looks to have crushed her.


Of the Small River Tribe, this sole member of her tribe has come a great distance to aid in the summit. She often translated for her people, seems learned, and counsels the other tribes who all respect her words. Her tribe, was apparently often spread amongst other tribes in times of peace. Her tribe has been all but culled from the world. She apperently is also a shaman and showed Baxing how to tame his wyrm. She supports Baxing in his vision of a united people.

Bayushi Goshiu believes that the key to controlling the Yobanjin would be through Fan.

Fan of the Small River Tribe

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