Eda Ishan of House of Dahab

Head of the Merchant Houses


A woman in her late 30’s or early 40’s, who looks to have enjoyed a position of wealth and power from her plumper figure. Clothed in silks, leathers and the finest clothes coin can buy the woman speaks of wealth. Rings bejewel her fingers, necklaces elegantly frame her throat and her belt is made of linked coins. She wears a smirk of amusement and speaks with a charismatic tone of a trained speaker.


Is an older woman and a Dahab Merchant King. Her focus on been on making sure the economics still flow within and without her city. Her chief focus seems to be on trade, and she is opening her hand in friendship and trade amongst the Rokugani, although she does not seem fickle in who she trades with… whether it be the Empror’s traders or those of the Mantis.

Bayushi Goshiu believes that she may be a useful source of information and an ally, but her allegiance may shift easily given the right circumstances.

Eda Ishan of House of Dahab

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