Deng of the Tribe of the Sky

Wrathful tribe leader


A young man filled with anger and hate at what was taken from him, this has been etched into his features which show in his eyes and the harsh lines around his mouth. He has a wild nest of hair, and leather with etchings of eagles on it, which is decorated with large eagle feathers and talons. He carries a cross bow over his shoulder.


Of the Tribe of the Sky blames the Rokugani for the lost of the ‘Nest’ when it was taken by the Dark Elemental Masters. His anger reeks across to his tribe, who are hostile and looking it would seem for a reason to shame this meeting. He back Chen, wishing to keep his proud people free of uniting with other lesser tribes.

Kitsuki Kaagi has already had two deaths from fights between Deng’s people and the main landers. The smallest room for an insult to been seen will be taken as provocations.

Deng of the Tribe of the Sky

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