Daigotsu Omoni

Half human, and half... something else.


Sallow skinned, with too many sharp teeth. His hair is too coarse, and he smells like something turning in the heat of the sun. He moves awkwardly, in a half hobble, as if his joints were not used to walking fully upright. However, a mean cunning lurks in his pitch black eyes. He wears mismatched clothes, suggesting nobility without ever reaching it.


The tainted creature, whatever it is, seems to advise his Lord. He can often be seen whispering in the other’s ear with a cruel smile on its lips. Whoever, or whatever he is, the thing is always close to his master’s side.

Bayushi Goshiu thinks that if Omoni can be distanced form his master, he may have deeper insight into how Toturi’s Army can actually be of assistance to the Spider. Daigotsu will hide what he truly needs to not appear to be weak.

Daigotsu Omoni

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