Founder of the Spider Clan


A tall man with flowing white hair, her conceals his face behind a half mask of bone, forged of an ogre’s skull. He carries himself with nobility, wears the fine silks of dark purples, blacks and red. He has the mon fashioned in the shape of a Spider. From his obi hands a charm made of bone and obsidian, in a feminine style. When he is lost in thought, his left hand often drifts to it.


Once a high ranking member of the Emperor’s Court, he has now become a rebel and leads a band of followers who call themselves the Spider. Many do not trust him, worrying if this is a feint. Isawa Kaede, Oracle of Thunder, however says that he is sincere. He brings with him a host of darkness who follow him, and many wonder if the enemy of my enemy is truly my friend. This later concept has been tested by the fact that the Lord of the Spider Clan wishes to know by the Dragon are not a party to the summit, which has caused Yakamo to have exchanged long stares of contempt with the Spider.

Bayushi Goshiu knows how revolting it may be, but he should be approached and assisted. This is Toturi’s orders.


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