Daidoji Uji

The last Crane, a legend and myth in the flesh.


Uji is a slightly caustic man with dark complexion, black hair and brown eyes. He never lets his hair grow out of the short topknot, and never dyes it white like so many other Crane had. He almost always wears his armor in public, although on the battlefield he rarely ever wears it, this does not diminish his deadliness but only enhances it. He speaks rarely, and when he does it is in a whisper. His eyes never twinkle and he rarely, if ever, smiles. He wears a mask in a similar fashion to that of the Scorpion when fighting, to remind his opponent that he is not to be trusted.


The Last of the Crane is a fierce and cunning man. Many believe that he would stop at nothing to destroy the minions of Jigoku, especially the Heartless.

He trains and leads his units on distant battle fields, taking up tasks few others can truly handle, and always returns with victory of some nature even in the darkest of circumstances. He is one of Toturi’s closest advisers and staunchest allies.

Nishimura and Heichi Juyo discovered that Uji has dealings with the Kolat. To what end is uncertain, but the two seem to share information and pragmatic views a good deal. They however have said nothing about it.

Daidoji Uji

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