Ratling Pup


Growing like a weed the pup seems to understand more Rokugani now, and the little guy is bright too…. and now very mobile. In a few years more he will be of age.


There are many Ratlings on the islands, and now the boats of the islands too. But on the forced march from the mountains, Kuni HIsui found a dead nezumi, and a single weak looking pup. He took the squeezing weak thing with him, and since that day the little one has been a constant companion and a constant source of trouble. Due to the rats tendency to chew on paper he has had to memorize all of his spells or carry multiple copies of each spell.

During the Summit, Hisui’s father took care of the little one, and when the young man returned to his father’s house with good news, Chewy was pressed into his hands by an exhausted looking father and both were ushered from the ruined family room and home. Hisui’s mother has given him grief since.

The nezumi leader Snak has taken an interest in Chewy, but refuses to take him in. He has indicated that humans and nezumi will face Tomorrow together, and both must be strong together for what is yet to come!


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