Chen of the Mountain Wind Tribe

Honorable leader of the 'devisionist' faction.


Wearing thick furs, leathers, and carrying one of the ring swords made with well forged steel. He is well muscled, with many scars gracing his arms, showing signs of his tenacity to live in such a dark world. He wears a wild beard and a tangle of long dark hair which he keeps loose. A serious hard look is on his face, that of a staunch survivor.


Of the Mountain Wind Tribe is honorable. His tribesmen cause less problems here on the islands with others, save with the Sons of the Mountain. He is honorable, and even the other Rokugani seem to favor him and his tribe. The Mountain Wind Tribe have sold their swords to the Empire for thousands of years, taking payment often in supplies rather then koku. They lived peacefully with the Empire for many generations, living a hard life in an inhospitable area. Chen leads the Yobanjin who wish to keep to the old ways, and no see the Unbowed united. In diversity is the strength of the people.

Bayushi Goshiu says that Chen’s way would back thousands of years worth of ideals, and when the Empire is secure will leave the Yobanjin just as they were before. However, this path will require much tending to, to keep so many ‘free minds’ from hewing apart such an ally.

Chen of the Mountain Wind Tribe

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