Bayushi Tesaguri

The First Traitor


Withered and decaying, the Lord of Scorpions wears only the finest of silks, and the most splendid suits of armor. He does everything to accent his horrid state, and make others see what his actions have wrought him.


Known as the first traitor of the Scorpoin Clan. He foolishly sold a number of the black scrolls to the Phoenix Clan in ages past, for koku. He attempted to leave forgeries to fool the Yogo, which did not work. When he was captured and confessed to his crimes, he was taken to a grove where his corpse and spirit would linger for all time as punishment. Thus, Traitors Grove was made.

He was rescued from his fate by Hida Matyu. Later he was given the title of Scorpoin Clan Champion.

Bayushi Tesaguri

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