Bayushi Tangen

The Creator of the Dark Sword of Bitter Lies


A man in his middle years, he has a brash confident look about him. He stands at a relax form almost constantly.


He is the creator of the Dark Sword of the Bitter Lies, and the first master of its unorthodox fighting style. A brash, loudmouthed boor, Tangen was notorious for annoyingly quoting his ancestor’s work whenever possible, regardless of the appropriateness of the citation, and interpreted his good fortune as the natural result of his skill and talent. This gained loathing form his own Clan.

After goading done by Bayushi Hisa, Tangen went to assault the capital alone. Along the way of his VERY successful strike, he realized that his skill was nothing more then dumb luck. He abandoned his quest and quit the Empire.

*He was discovered to have been living as a hermit in the Shadow Mountains and Matsu Nobu was able to convince his teacher to rise from his self pity and help to save the Empire once more.

  • Held the Inner Keep of the High House of Light against the Nothing.

Bayushi Tangen

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