Bayushi Goshiu

Clan Champion of the Scorpion and Political Advisor


The political mastermind wears fine kimonos of rich design in crimson and black. His mask is often that of an Oni with eyes blazing. However, he does have many masks to help frame the moods he wishes to inspire.


The Champion of the Scorpion Clan is a cagey and cunning man. His words were such silk and his his favors so great that when the Scorpion Clan was dissolved, he was able to keep his position, name and influence in the Imperial Courts. He has been helping to advise Toturi on how to form the summit and has been disturbed by amount of resistance and problems getting so many like minded peoples together.

Kitsuki Kaagi first suspected that someone or someones were working against the summit when he spoke to Gohsiu of the issues arising. Someone is playing a game against this union. They obviously work for the Dark Lord, and he suspects spies or saboteurs or both to be present. Goshiu can also see a hand at play as well.

Bayushi Goshiu

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