Baxing - Warlord of the Sons of the Mountian Tribe

Warlord who will unite the Yobanjin into one tribe!


Baxing wears a mixture of good Rokugani armor with leather added into the mix, making him look more a Unicorn then a Yobanjin. He has a close cropped beard and his hair is short. He carries a steel ring sword, and around his neck is a crudely forged golden amulet in the shape of wyrm with obsidian eyes. He has an easy smile and a fierce laugh.


Is of the Sons of the Mountain Tribe. He and his tribe are ambitious, boisterous and violent. They have been the vast majority of the issues on the island, starting fights and arguing openly. Most of the tribes have two different thoughts about Baxing and his tribe, either he is invoative and a true leader, or else he is a dishonest cur who have grown drunk off the sound of his own voice. Baxing leads the stance of uniting all of the Unbowed into one tribe, for nothing could stop a united people.

Bayushi Goshiu thinks that Baxing might have a strong claim. From what he understands, there are been many warlords in the past who have attempted to unite the Unbowed. All have failed. Baxing may have a chance though, it would be a strong united front, all Clans focused and no give way to seeing an alliance fall apart. However, once the war is won, the Yobanjin could become a true threat.

  • Failing to unite the Tribes into the Sons of the Mountain Tribe, Baxing leads his peoples back his their lands.
  • When The Battle of Lightening City occurs, he once more tries to unite the Unbowed, and many of them confused as to what to do turn their backs on him. Thinking to rally everyone to his victory, he charges the Yobanjin strong hold of the Beast and is slain. He and his people are risen again, forever burning, and go forth as willing servants of darkness.

Baxing - Warlord of the Sons of the Mountian Tribe

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