Asori of the Scarab Empire

A voice of the Immortal Calif and the Scarab Empire.


An exotically beautiful woman who often wears painted eyebrows and shades pf blue and purple painted about her eyes. We wears a golden tiara to hold back her auburn hair. Her gown exposes much of her femininity, and just barely makes her modest. She walks with a haughtiness of sever nobility.


This Senpet Courtesan speaks on behalf of her Scarab Empire and it is suspected that she also watched for the Immortal Calif. An unexpected guest, but many rumors are dashing about to peice togther her position. The Senpet Empire is in decline, and has made an alliance with Medinaat al-Salaam. She tends to this alliance personally on behalf of her people, and she perhaps will advise her ally in the same fashion.

Kitsuki Kaagi believes that she may well attempt to undermined others and act as a spy more then as a counselor. She bares watching.

Asori of the Scarab Empire

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