Kuni Nodai

A Large, Happy man who creates Armor


Honor 4.5
Kaiu Engineer School
Kuni + 1 Int, School +1 Int
XP Available – 0
Insight 180
Rank 3
Initiative 6k3


Strength 3


Battle 1 Per 4k2 Craft:Armorsmithing 4 Int 9k4 Craft:Weaponsmithing 3 Int 8k4 Defense 1 Ref 5k3 Engineering 1 Int 6k4 (Construction) Lore:Architecture 1 Int 6k4 War Fans 1 Agi 5k3 Kenjutsu 3 Agi 7k4 Courtier 3 Awr 6k3 (+3 Insight) Etiquette 3 Awr 6k3 (+3 Insight) Games:Go 1 Int 5k4 Medicine 1 Int 5k4 Perform: Oratory 1 Awr 4k3

Ring/Mastery: Earth 3
Schools: Any Crab Bushi
Effect: While wearing Armor and in the Attack Stance,
your armor provides an additional +2 Reduction.

Heritage Table (Done with Patrick)
4 Illustrious Table,7 (below)
6-7 Your ancestor died a hero’s death fighting the Shadowlands. His legacy of heroism inspires you today. Gain 1 free Rank in a
Weapon Skill of your choice. (Kenjutsu)

Kaiu Armor 6xp (+12 armor TN, 8 reduction, Unbreakable, Jade, heavy armor penalties to agility and reflexes)

Strength of Earth-2
Elemental Blessing (Earth)-4
Kaiu Ancestor-9

The legendary master craftsmen who forged the Crab Clan
Ancestral Sword that slew Hatsu-Suru no Oni. Kaiu founded
the most potent engineering school in the Empire and
his descendants built the Great Carpenter Wall. Kaiu’s guidance
grants you a +3k1 bonus (instead of +1k1) any time
you spend a Void Point on a Craft or Engineering skill roll.
In addition, once per game year you may call on Kaiu’s
inspiration and roll an appropriate Craft skill at TN 50 to
create a minor awakened nemuranai. The initial powers of
this magical item are chosen by the GM, but should start out
weak (e.g. +1k0 to skills or damage rolls, for example) until
the spirits within the item grow stronger over time.

Demands: Kaiu abhors mediocrity, laziness, and failure.
You must never deliberately produce Craft/Engineering
work that is less than your best. This obviously
includes keeping low dice on a skill roll but will
also have many subtler role-play applications; such
situations should be adjudicated by the GM.

Consumed: Perfection 5
Fascination (Blacksmithing techniques) 1
True Love 3

A student of the Kaiu Method is taught
the many basic essential disciplines
the family uses to serve the Crab. You
gain a bonus of +1k0 when making any
School Skill Roll. When spending a Void
Point to augment a School Skill Roll, you
gain a bonus of +2k2 instead of +1k1.
These effects are not cumulative.

The Kaiu are feared on the battlefield for
good reason—they are the masters of both
construction and destruction. When constructing
any large structure (temple-sized
or larger), you may make an Engineering Skill
Roll at TN 25 to add an additional number of
Wounds to the structure equal to your School
Rank x 100. Also, when commanding a siege engine,
you may re-roll once any of the siege engine’s damage
dice that roll below your School Rank.


The security and protection of Crab samurai is a somber
duty all Kaiu take very seriously indeed. When crafting
any set of armor, you may double the crafting time and
cost in order to add your School Rank to the armor’s Reduction value.
You may also add half your School Rank (rounding
up) to the armor’s Armor TN bonus.

RANK FOUR: THE PATH OF WAREvery Kaiu is a student of battle, as are all Crab. When youroll on the Mass Battle Chart, you may modify your result(up or down) by an additional amount equal to half yourSchool Rank. Additionally, when fighting with a katana,dai tsuchi, or war fan, you may make melee attacks as aSimple Action rather than a Complex Action.

RANK FIVE: THE PATH OF STEELThe greatest and most sacred duty of the Kaiu is craftingthe sacred weapons of the Crab Clan. When crafting anyweapon, you may choose to confer either a +1k0 bonusto all attack rolls made with that weapon, or a +0k1 bonusto all damage rolls made with that weapon. If theweapon is a katana, you may expend all your Void Points(a minimum of one point must be spent) to make theblade unbreakable (as per the Sacred Weapon: Kaiu BladeAdvantage). Doing so renders you unable to recover VoidPoints for one week.


Kuni Nodai is an oddity amongst Samurai. He is happily married, has been granted the role of armor-smith for Toturi’s army and will spend the rest of his day outside of battle if he has his way. He comes from a family of shugenja but can only speak and wield the kami by way of the anvil. The Earth Kami smiles on him with his hard work and ability to creates beautiful non destructive pieces. He is a pleasant man who is referred to now more as the father of Kuni Hisui, a title he is proud to hold.

*Died holding the the escape rout for the escaping refugees in his work space.

Kuni Nodai

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