Amal Surresh

Head of House Suresh & Ambasidor of the Ivory Kingdoms


The other Raja’s dress in noble clothing that respects their rank of birth. However, the head of House Suresh makes the others look of lesser birth with the fine clothes. Jewels of dark obsidian, rings crafted in the ancient nobility of the Ivory Kingdom, necklaces from distant lands across the burning sands… the man dresses to show the wealth and influence of his House. He carries himself with regardless and expects all others to hang on his every word.


As head of House Suresh, he claims that he and his great House have always been in contact with the Empire. He dealt with the Crane Clan before, and apparently, he still deals with servant’s of that once noble house still. His House has supplied all of the fancies for the Maharaja, who has become obsessed with all things Rokugani. House Suresh boasts having the favor of their lord. He dons mostly blues and purples. Bayushi Goshiu feels the best way to naturalize this Raja is to force the other two to turn against him.

Amal Surresh

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