Adira of the Mountain

Daughter of the Man of the Mountain


A lithe graceful woman with long dark hair. She favors soft flowing silks and gossamer wraps float about her leaving her body almost on display but obscured from being completely unmodest. She favors bone jewelry and carried a hard knife at her belt.


Actually an Assassin to helped to unify the Unicorn and the Ra’Shari, where the Jackal attempted to pull them apart. She aided Toku Gattsu.

  • Once Pretended to be a Ra’Shari, known as the Bone-Reader of the Fourth Chronicle. Her people wander the Burning Sands, traveling from city to city, surviving in massive caravans. They survive through cunning, some call con-artisty and thievery. Their people are led by mysterious sorceresses, called Bone-readers, who divine and cast dark magic that has kept their people safe from pure retribution. The fact that their people only sent a single member of their massive caravans seems to be a sign that the Ra’Shari may have little faith in the summit’s abilities.

Adira of the Mountain

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