Althira of the Ashalan Peoples

The Ashalan Diplomate


A tall woman with glowing tattoos of soft blue symbols of the moon and stars are painted on her skin. She dresses in a simple shift of blue silk. Her features are sharp, almost inhumanly so. Her eyes are filled the weight of wisdom of the ages.


A priestess and one of the ruling body of the Ashalan. Her race is spoken of in legend of the Burning Sands. One of the people of days long past, her face is long lived and have guided all other races since their inceptions into the world. Their knowledge is vast, but their people seem uncaring as if their On was not merely a mask but simply their way.

Bayushi Goshiu feels to gain her as an ally amongst this group would win the favor of nearly all of them.

Althira of the Ashalan Peoples

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