Akodo Tsudao

The Master of Steel and Third Born of Toturi


A lithe woman with her fathers and mother’s features blended perfectly. She wears the armor of an Akodo, and carries the blades of Akodo Kage.


A cheerful child and always eager to use her wooden sword, she was a constant shadow of her father who she favored greatly.

Seperated after the call of the City of Lightening, she was taken into the care of Hakumei to safety. It would appear that the Harrier took her to Akodo Kage to train her as he father once was.

Tsudao finished her training under the Kolat and has become one of their masters, aiding the Dragon Clan in its continued hidden existence and passing information to the Armies of the Shogun. It is suggested she has a very well trained spy network.

Akodo Tsudao

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