Akodo Kage

Kolat Master Tiger


An old man with a long fu manchu, and loose flowing gray hair that crowns his bald pate. His smile is disarming, and he has a charming quality that sets others at ease, even if they came to him tense. He wears fine robes, and is surrounded by attendants.


Akodo Kage was a respected teacher, and tutored Toturi when he was younger. When the Akodo Clan was cast out after the Scorpion Clan Coup, he was the only Akodo to keep his name. When the Empress began to spread rumors that he was involved in a sinister organization, he was reported to have died.

His death was apparently a lie, and the organization he worked with was apparently the Kolat. He seems to lead this organization, claiming to be one of the few masters who survived the fall of the temple. He fights Fu Leng in subtle ways, but assuming if his organization won the war tomorrow, their sights are set on ruling humanity and undoing the influence of the heavens on the Empire.

One of his reluctant allies is Daidoji Uji.

Akodo Kage

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