Rise of the Obsidian Throne

Preveiws of Ep 12: The Yobanjin Campaign

1149 (3 years have passed, 20 years of ruler ship)

In the years that past, the first year was a harsh one. The combined might of House Singh and the Samurai of Rokugan were caught in a battle of desperation in House Rafiq within their own lands. There were many ambushes, a small army of the Destroyers, whole towns of peasants slaughtered and their blood used to fuel dark rituals that had been passed on by the Hawk Clan. By the years end however, both armies stood victorious and confident that that House Rafiq’s power was broken forever. What few members remained, fled into the burning sands.

This victory meant much for the Samurai of Rokugan, the young Kaneka had successfully lead his people into war. Many had little to no confidence in the young man, but by the end of this all were captivated by his understandings of tactics, as he leaned heavily upon the original manuscript of Sun Tao, which often caught his foes completely unaware. His mentors were all pleased with him and lent their strength to him. Kaneka had his units face more then just House Rafiq as well.

He directed the Mantis, under the new leadership of Yoritomo Aramasu, made battle with the Ninth Legion which tried to take the Ivory Kingdom’s coast early on, but when the Singh and Surresh joined in, and Yoritomo himself liberated the Rafiq fleet, the undead horror Tsuruchi beat a retreat, leaving a nest of corrupted orochi for the fleets to battle with.

The Crab were directed to leave the fray to aid House Surresh who found the Maw’s forces had tried to push through the Jungle of Evil Torments. The Crab set up battlements, and had begun on a construction of a hastily built wall. During that siege, the Crab and House Surresh found common ground and the two became close allies in holding the Wall of New Alliances. A wall that would change form makeshift over the course of the three years into a formidable defense structure.

In the year that followed, the Ivory Kingdoms underwent a change, as House Chander was created, as House Singh and House Surresh gave over the best of their vessels, so that balance might be restored. Mahavira Singh and Pranay Surresh were told to marry, and become the first members of House Chander, in honor of the dead royal guard who helped to foil the plot of House Rafiq. The Emerald Samurai were invited to help settle the lands with them, as they turned teh ruin of House Rafiq into something greater. To aid in its recovery The Maharaja allowed magics of the Emerald Samurai to be permitted, under the careful observation of the Gurus.

Over the course of this period shifts within the Emerald Empire continued to occur, the Council of Elemental Masters took this chance to organize, and press its own magical teachings. Agasha Boutou is made the Master of Fire, Isawa Shinpani becomes the Master of Air, Kuni Osako is made the Master of Water, her husband Kuni Hisui becomes the Master of Earth and Isawa Sezaru becomes the Master of Void. With the Guru’s the Council aids the Ivory Kingdoms greatly with its magical prowess, Shaym becomes the Voice of the Elemental Council.

The the year is not without strife, word comes from Medinaat al-Salaam, that the Immortal Caliph was offered an ultimatum from the Jade Throne, and she chose to join the Obsidian Empire. This announcement came after the capture and imprisonment of Moto Shoan, the Moto fought free of the trap lead by her young son, Moto Chagatai declares himself Kahn shortly after, at the age of 9. The Unicorn Clan is now being hunted, caught between the Jewel of the Desert and the Empire of Rokugan, the Unicorn ask for aid, and Kaneka gives what he can by releasing the Battle Maidens from his care to reinforce the Unicorn Clan. The Unicorn however will need more, and Kaneka begins correspondence with the Kahn, in earnest as they look for allies within the burning sands.

Word comes from the Spider, that the Obsidian Empire has not stood still, the attack on the seas by the Ninth Legion was a diversion, Tsuruchi and Yogo Junzo have taken to the seas and are using the Black Scrolls on the nations of Thrane and Merenae. The two nations had been locked in a war that had lasted for two hundred years, however they were close to resolving the war peacefully, due to Yoritomo Liliana-Cornejo. It seems some of the Mantis had fled to that nation when they were cut off during the Battle of Lightening City. It would seem that peace was coming in the form of realizing that Rokugan may be a threat. Junzo unleashed the Wasting Disease upon the two nations, and the Ninth Legion has created a blockade to seal the giajin within white the wasting disease makes a new united nation of undead.

The Spider also have seen that the Oni lost the war with the corrupted Crab, and were forced to cede the Twilight Mountains to Hida Matyu. However, the Oni have been taking to their new war with the Ivory Kingdoms, and the Crab have been dealing with now very ambitious Hawks.

The final word from the capital is that Toturi’s youngest son completes his Gempukku becoming Hantei Naseru, at age at 12. More interestingly, much to the Court’s surprise, that Yakusoku the daughter of Fu Leng, took the name Hantei Shoje (female version of Shoju) during her Gempukku.

With the Ivory Kingdoms are once again strong, Kaneka now looks to undoing the swelling might of the Obsidian Empire, and how to best bright the giant down. He calls upon his mentors of the Tiger’s Maw Elite, as he unfurls his plans.


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