Rise of the Obsidian Throne


The moon rises in the distance, in his room Gattsu rolls and turns, the shadow’s of his room seem to close in upon him. He tosses in his sleep as images flood his dreams and the voice of that which ails him assaults his psyche.

“They all trusted you, and you left them to their deaths. You couldn’t protect them, you couldn’t protect anyone who cared about you and yet you lay here sleeping alive, where is the justice in that? You are cursed, damned to oblivion…”

Out of the shadows a pitch-black hound appears, just his face, a demon-eyed thing of darkness, eyes blazing red and unnatural, it’s teeth gleaming.

A scream draws Gattsu’s vision to images of his comrades deaths, sacrifices, killed by inhuman creatures. Some are hunted, and consumed, torn to shreds and violated by things that should not exist. Gattsu tries to fight them drawing his sword and slashing at his dreams. The sword rusts and shatters, he draws another, it too turns to dust. He’s pinned to the ground, a claw enters his eye, he screams with rage, watching things he can’t stop.

“What are you going to do about it?”

A face, serene, and yet vicious looks back at him… Gurifisu… He looks with intensity past a stylized hawk-featured helm and spilling white hair. He drives his blade into Gattsu over and over seeming to delight in the pain he’s causing. “You are mine…”, what was a man takes on an appearance of something less human and turns walking away…

“Yes, traitor, monster, and how do you answer his betrayal? Vengeance… Yes seek that vengeance you crave…”

Gattsu spits and curses at the demon, “I don’t need you monster! I’ll destroy you”, it only grins back.

Toku appears and smiles at him, his happy face turns to pain, his body crushed, wounds appear, his arm spurts crimson. Gattsu reaches out to grab hold, again trying to stop the death of a comrade. Toku places a hand on his shoulder, it hisses his name “Gatttsssssuuuuu”, and the flesh on his hand melts to rotted meat and bone as his fingers dig into his shoulder, and shakes him. The face becomes skeletal, and lashes out mouth open full of razer sharp teeth to bite into Gattsu’s neck…

Gattsu screams and draws upward through his dream gripping the hand that holds his shoulder and shakes him, “Gattsu?!”, he swings instinctively toward the man’s head and his fist is caught in the strong grip of Toku. Gritting his teeth Gattsu fights for several long seconds till his consciousness finally seperates the dream from reality and he falls onto his back panting. “Gattsu, it’s just me, Toku…”

Gattsu, finally sits up, his body drenched in sweat, and he shivers ever so slightly and wipes his head… “I’m sorry Toku-sama.”

Toku sits beside his comrade and hands him a skin of water… “The nightmares again… they are becoming more frequent…”

Gattsu drinks then turns to look at Toku’s face, his eyes have dark circles under them. Toku tilts his head, “You’re bleeding again.”, Gattsu runs his hand accross the bleeding symbol on his neck and notes the blood before applying a cloth and applying pressure. “I’m sorry Toku…”

Toku breaths a deep sigh and smiles back, “No need to worry my friend, besides you are just as capable even when you are sleeping, that blow would of knocked me out had I not caught it…”

Gattsu tightens his grip on the cloth and grins, somewhere between joking and truth, “Next time I’ll try harder.”

Toku rises to his feet and looks out the window, the last moonlight is slowly receeding and the warm orange of sunrise is poking at the darkness on the horizon. “We leave today, Toturi’s Orders, we are going for a ride in the southern empire to find a boy.”

Gattsu narrows his eyes, “A boy?”

“Toturi’s Son…”, Toku turns and walks past Gattsu placing his hand on his shoulder, “See you at the docks my friend.”


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