Rise of the Obsidian Throne

Episode 12: The Yobanjin Campaign - Part 3-4

Chen, the Phoenix and the Wyrm

The Tiger’s Maw Elite ventures deep into the Dragon Lands, meeting with Togashi Mitsu and all of his followers and allies. There the samurai of Rokugan were briefly reunited with their distant cousins, before Chen of the Mountain Wind Tribe arrived with his tribe.

The meeting was long with Matsu Nobu laying out the battle plan and what he needed of all. Chen was quick to put down his proposal. He wished for the Wyrm Baned Katanda to be found and returned to the Yobanjin people, with such a relic on their side The Beast would be destroyed. Wishing to aid in this quest, Isawa Tadaka and Shiba Tsukune would aid them.

Re results of the meeting also determined these important factors:

  • Fan of the Small River Tribe made a deal with the samurai to throw her support behind them, so long as all documents and knowledges gained in the Yobanjin lands would be turned over to the Small River Tribe, and they would choose what the Samurai would be allowed to given.
  • Shosuro Hametsu who leads the Shosuro sabatures and Ginawa who leads an army of former Akodo now ronin would wait in posible reserve. Knowing that if they were used, they could not return to the Dragon Lands least they expose the fact that the Dragon are no longer possessed of the Lying Darkness.
  • Mirumoto Satsu’s armies would remain unused unless it was vital. The might of the Dragon could change any war front in the favor of the Rokugani, but the Dragon Lands and the refuge they offer would be contested and possibly lost.

The group headed out, Hakumei leading to attend Akodo Tsudao once more. Nishimura, decided to work with the scouts, and wished to return valuable information on the Army of Fire, so he departed with Hwang of the Children of the Frozen Peaks Tribe. Now they had Isawa Tadaka and Shiba Tsukune.

Kuni Hisui was excited to talk to the supposedly thought to be dead Tadaka, and found out that Tadaka had died, but was restored to life by the Last Wish and some how fused with the artifact to become whole. They (refering to Tadaka who now refers to himself in the multiple) had also reversed the aging of Shiba Tsukune, wishing to keep her with him always. This revelation disturbed Hisui and he withdrew not knowing how to react.

Tadaka also explained that he had aided the surviving Isawa in the Yobanjin lands, and hid them away far in the north where there are some 20-30 of them. The Isawa have formed their own Elemental Council, and it was their magics that have stymied the advancing forces of the Obsidian Emperor to the north, but that they are growing close to an end of their resources in this prolonged war. As such, he left them to gain enough support to aid his people and their Yobanjin saviors.

To find the sword though Tsukune would need to find the ancestral sword of the Phoenix to find Shiba’s soul, knowing that the soul would know where to find the blade. So the unit went to the small farm where she had hidden it. While searching for the blade, it would appear that the Army of Fire, now led by the fallen champion Baxing – Warlord of the Sons of the Mountian Tribe was also hunting for the Wyrm Baned Katanda. Just as the blade fo Shiba was found, a small band of three of the Army of Fire found and fell upon the warriors, resulting in a very brutal melee that left the unit limping.

Afterwords the unit took to skirting into the woods. They knew from the Soul of Shiba that the Wyrm Baned Katanda was hidden in Geshi Toshi, a city that was hidden shortly after the Broken Day of Thunder. So they did what they could to hide their trail, but they knew that they were being followed.

As the party broke their cover, growing closer to Pale Oak Castle’s ruins, and the entrance to the hidden city of Geshi Toshi, they stumbled upon the hulking and wounded figure of Okura no Oni. The beat was surrounded by dead obsidian samurai and the army of fire. Much to the protesting of the Crab, Nobu chose to spare the wounded Oni, and offered it a chance at redemption and allowed it to travel with them and join the war with the Shogun’s Army.

The Unit arrived at the gates of Geshi Toshi to discover that Baxing and his Army of Fire was indeed close behind. Tadaka and Tsukune told them to go within and get the Wyrm Baned Katanda and take what they could form the other shrines to deny them to their foes.

The group rushed in together and claimed Wyrm Baned Katanda, then broke apart to take: Yajinden’s Scrolls and Journal, the Egg of Panku (which Nobu has concealed), and a Bronze Lantern. After that they fled before the army of fire, and Tadaka destoryed the hidden city least it be despoiled by their filthy hands.

After that the unit withdrew to hide in some caves. There Tadaka and Hisui took time to talk and learn of one another. They also decided that when the two Elemental Council’s meet that they would decide who was the true masters by a test of skill.

Hisui also began to read from Yajinden’s works, succumbing to their influence and needing to learn more.

The next day Toku Gattsu left to take the Wyrm Baned Katanda back to Chen and he took Okura no Oni with him.

The rest of the Unit, not wishing to loose any time, immediately began to look for survivors of the Daughters of Fire Tribe. The Unit began to delve deeper into the caves and mountain chain that was once the seat of the Daughter’s power. They found that two of the mountains had awoken, and one of the eruptions supposedly claimed the daughters.

While searching the tallest of the sleeping mountains, they spotted a dead body of a samurai on a shelf a few stories bellow. There they found a small cave that had trips and traps set up through out it. At the end of the system they found a kneeling figure with his head bowed. It was a corrupted samurai but Nobu’s blood chilled when he recognized that it was Bayushi Aramoro. Easily one of the best assassins of the Scorpion Clan and one time guardian of Hantei Kachiko. Scrawled around the crave was the phrase, “She is mine,” and resting near his hands was a final phrase, “She is not his, she is mine.” As the Unit cautiously approached the kneeling figure, they were sure he was dead, but cautious as they were they feared he was undead, but when they touched him he crumbled to dust. At his feet was a simply red cloth, look to have been torn from something, and Nobu recognized ti as Bayushi’s mask. At his other side, away from the scrawling was the ancestral blade of the Scorpion. Nobu said a brief prayer and the group puzzled over the strange message Aramoro left behind. Some thought it was referencing the Empress, but Tadaka didn’t think so. If he was so enamored with the Empress still, why was he not with her? That left everyone thinking hard bu there were no more answers within that stone tomb.

Together the unit pressed forward, and used Favorable Wind to help them find the tribe. And it turns out that the group was hiding in one of the active volcanoes.

When the unit arrived they were thought to be a threat, but showed that they were indeed allies. Yu of the Daughters of the Flame Tribe decided that she needed to see the strength of the samurai, a test to know that they could actually oppose the fores of Zurong. So, they chose to test Hiruma Genshu against one of the wyrms. The fight was over in a matter of moments, the hulking beast was no match for the quick and nimble Hiruma, and he managed to slay it. The creature’s spirit was sent back to the token from which it had come.

The Daughter’s of Fire, who had been strengthening their magics had hidden in the volcano, and thrived. They pledged themselves to the cause and showed that they had been busy. They had made many tokens and created many such things to make wyrm riders available to the forces of the Shogun. In reward to the strength that Genshu had shown, he was given the wyrm he beat.

With now four tribes united, Nobu sent word for the scouts to find the rest of his unit and prepare for what followed next.


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