Rise of the Obsidian Throne

Episode 12: The Yobanjin Campaign - Part 2

The Rise of Toshiro

Much occurred within the Obsidian Championship, villains rose, fell, heroes strove and fought, and honor was lost and gained. I will not recount every action that occurred, nor recall every battle, but will instead recount this epic struggle of the Obsidian Samurai with telling results.

  • Okura no Oni was cast out of the tourney as a ronin, and left to wander masterless forever due to her declaration of restoring the honor of the Empire.
  • Gurifisu was recognized as Hantei Gurifisu, his blood line connected to Hantei Jama, otherwise known as Iuchiban. His minor Clan was accepted into the Crane Clan.
  • The Dragon Clan is dissolved, for being in liege with the Lying Darkness and is to be purged. The Crab will man the Wall of Bone now.

Meanwhile, Matsu Nobu, Toku Gattsu, Bayushi Hoitsu, Nishimura and Hakumei managed to steal the ledgers from Miya Satoshi’s tent, and get it back to the old scribe. He used magic to copy the books into near identical books. Nobu read through the ledgers and realized there were subtle changes, where the Emperor disappeared during the year of 1130 for nearly a month.

The ledgers were just finished as Kitsuki Kaagi was reveled as a minion of the lying darkness, and a witch hunt began. The mysterious figure who seems to have hired the old scribe came to warn of this event, and although remained hidden, Hakumei identifies the master of this plan to be either an Obsidian Magistrate in full armor, Naseru or Shoje.

The group manages to get the ledgers in place, but Hoitsu gets caught by Satoshi who starts accusing him of being a minion of the Lying Darkness. Nobu goes to his defense, and almost seems caught when Bayushi Tesaguri appears before the gathering and comes to Nobu’s defense, sending Satoshi on his way. Tesaguri warns Nobu to be more careful and then departs.

When the tourney is over, the group gathers to say good bye to Shinwa who will remain behind protecting one of the children of Toturi.

The Tiger’s Maw Elite then returns to the Dragon Lands, just before the Obsidian Magistrates arrive to purge the Wall of Bone. There they meet Mirumoto Satsu, who welcomes his old friends. He leads them to the High House of Light to meet the the Dragon, the Scorpion, the Akaodo Armies and to meet the Yobanjin.


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