Rise of the Obsidian Throne

Episode 11: A Brave New World - Part 1


The Tiger’s Maw Elite Unit arrives to the Ivory Kingdom, being escorted a Ra’Shari Caravan and some Desert Moto. The are welcomed by the Tiger’s Maw Unit, which quickly brings them up to speed on the goings on within the camps of the Emerald Samurai.

Beyond the normal bickering one would suspect within the Samurai cast, there is a long over due power struggle for leadership within the camp, spurred on by the mounting pressure that the Emerald Samurai may be forced to leave their refuge. Yoritomo has been acting as a defacto leader, but has stated openly he shall not lead the army. His pride and ambition has caused him to nearly break this alliance before, and he has the wisdom now to see that he is a man of great action on the battle field, but outside of it his brashness could spell ruin for this struggle.

The would be leaders are currently: Yoritomo Aramasu who very much desires to lead his people to salvation, Matsu Yofun who feels her status demands she take over after the death of Toturi, Bayushi Tangen whose legendary luck could spell the undoing of the Emperor, Kuni Osako who is well respected and loved by her people. Tangen and Osako both do not desire the position, but seem admit on helping end the dispute, while Yofun and Aramasu both seem intent on claiming the position.

Meanwhile, a winter court held in the honor of The Maharaja is underway, as three factions compete for hit Favor. Currently the year of mourning has ended for the Maharaja, and the Traditionalists and Obsidian Samurai have put forth brides for him to consider. In three weeks time, the Emperor will choose a bride, and the Winter Court will end with the royal wedding.

If the Obsidian Samurai win the favor, the will gain the Ivory Kingdom’s as an ally, and continue the purge of the Emerald Samurai. If the Traditionalists win, they will exile both Samurai factions and the Ivory Kingdoms will become isolated again. If the Emerald Samurai win, they gain an ally and have a place to reestablish themselves at long last.

The Emerald Samurai were winning, until Bayushi Goshiu was poisoned. He lay dying form the after effects of the poison, respecting the Ivory Kingdom’s dislike of magic being cast. He has called upon the Tiger’s Maw Elite to help gain more favor within the Court.

The Unit met with those vying for power, while Kaneka was taken by his half brother to meet with the Camps. Daidoji Uji went to go see his harriers he was separated from for many years ago. Heichi Shinwa took his sister to see his father. The Elite Unit only had a few moments to catch up, and then Rama Singh escorted them from his palace to the Ivory Court, half a days ride from his own holdings.


There they meet with Goshui, on this death bed, and he tells them that the Emerald Empire must suggest a wife. Matsu Nobu suggests that they back the Traditionalist’s choice of his chief concubine. Goshui also suggests that the Unit search the chambers of the Suresh, thinking that if there is anything suggesting duplicity it would be housed within. Then the old Scorpion passes out.

The Unit then considers what must be done and gets some rest for the next day.


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