Rise of the Obsidian Throne

4 Years of Peace? Timeline

Down Times

Year 1143:

  • During Kuni Osako‘s legendary duel, she made a massive swell of water to try and save the last refugees flee on their make shift fleet, the swell pushed the ships out of the swift lanes of current and instead crashed upon the mainland of Rokugan. The samurai left their ruined ships, and slipped into the Empire, with the Obsidian Legion’s distracted with their conquest.
  • In late spring in the Yobanjin provinces, word comes of a major revolt. Given the fall of the the Mantis Islands, the Yobanjin seem to have been caught in a bad way. Baxing – Warlord of the Sons of the Mountian Tribe, tried to take leadership of the failed plot led his tribe and what few tribes would follow him still, against The Beast of the North. The Sons of the Mountain Tribe was burned alive and slaughtered to a man by the Beast, and then through its darkness, rose them again to serve it. Sending its burning legions of Unbowed upon all who would dare oppose it’s will. This is a devastating blow, given the massive size of the Sons of the Mountain.
  • As summer arrives, much within The Emerald Empire returns to normal. The Obsidian Empire is fresh with three victories, trade resumes and the boarders open. The Great Clans return to their lands to reap their rewards and attend to their duties. Trade begins in earnest with the Jewel of the Desert and many ships travel back and forth between the Ivory Kingdom and the Empire. Already the remainder of the Mantis who were pulled from the waves as undead horrors, begin to build a new fleet.
  • The Tiger’s Naw Elite winter in a hidden store house within Biden Pass upper reaches. It is well stocked and is a perfect refuge to train and prepare for the coming Spring.

Year 1144:

  • As the new year arrives Kaneka explores the caves near the hidden store house and discover’s Sun Tao’s forgotten main camp, a roomy monastery long lost to a land slide. He finds the drafts for the original Sun Tao’s Journal. He then takes up reading and writing with Hisui, wishing to learn the contents of these old records.

Year 1145:

  • As Spring arrives, Kaneka comes of age and completes his Gempuku. The Unbroken Crab and Spider are in attendance and welcome Toturi’s son fully to the fight.
  • Forgotten Shores – Word comes through the Spider that fisher men spotted activity on the Island of Silk. Before the Unbroken Crab can mount an expedition, the Obsidian Legion sends three shop to the Island. Reportedly, there was a battle that claimed 2/3’s of the three ships crews. It would appear survivors led by the Wasp Champion Tsuruchi made a heroic last stand beside a very powerful shugenja. In the end the archer fell then rose to join the Obsidian Legion’s ranks.
  • Unrest in the Crane Lands – A peasant revolt rose in the Hawk’s governance. As the peasantry died in scores, ronin flocked to their banner to champion them. It would appear that many of the ronin were former Toturi’s army who had crashed a shore two years before. However the ronin’s actions were anticipated and it seems the Hawk Champion has laid a trap to draw out the remainders of Toturi’s army in his region. When the slaughter of the ‘ronin’ was over, many captives were taken prisoner, their leader Matsu Gohie was chief amongst them.
  • Strange Dreams – The dreams came of the old naga ruins. Every night the same dream, and they were shared too, but not by everyone. Genshu, Hisui, Nobu, Nishamura and Gattsu all dreamed the same thing. When you woke up a longing to go there, to the city of courage. In the end, it looked like a trap. The dreams persisted for two weeks, then on the second week of dreams, each of them dreamed of the Mountains of Shadow, the Nothing. Then you dreamed of the ruins of the naga with the minions of Goju taking it stone by stone until a brilliant ball of fire forced the shows back and you wake up with the light of the ball rising high in the sky. The five of you awaken looking to the direction you know the ruins to be, as a dawn rose three hours early that day.
  • The events of the The Hunt occurred here.

Year 1146: The Kistu send word that they must return to the realm of the spirits. Fu Leng has sent forces into the other realms bent on conquest. He has apparently begun war with the Tsuno, and they must work to confine him and his forces.

  • The events of the Reprisal occurred here.
  • Word arrives from the Kistu that Yume-do has been lost.

Year 1147:

  • Tiger’s Maw Elite Unit arrives in the start of the new year in the Ivory Kingdoms.


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